Do we travel for work? Do we do away jobs? Yes we do!  Arteriors done quite a bit of work in Puerto Rico painting trompe l’oeil balconies and windows and vintage CocaCola signs for the El Meson Restaurant chain. Here’s the mural we painted for their San Juan Airport location.

Picture 118

Much of the work for El Meson was exterior. We climbed scaffolding and hauled our supplies in a bucket on a rope. After chasing the shade around the building, we’d head for the beach that was less than 15 minutes away where we ate lunch and body surfed. There were lots of great stories generated from the trips to Puerto Rico and our Spanish vocabulary for paint and hardware store items improved greatly. In a nut shell, the work was hot and sweaty but a great adventure!

Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta and Florida are other flags on our map of away jobs.

Not all aspects of traveling for work is fun. On one trip back to Massachusetts, we flew on Christmas Eve. A Salsa band played in the lobby, the lines were non-existent ( mob scene is a better description) and we missed our flight. We now book our flights more wisely.

The hardest away job was painting murals on Bellissimo Grande Hotel lobby walls prior to their opening. The murals were a great challenge. I adored every artistic moment but the conditions were especially hard. No running water, hence lots of trips to the nearby sporting goods store who graciously allowed us to use the facilities.  No heat, and frigid New England temps in December and January kept us looking like homeless Charlie Browns.

Oh, I also slid on the ice skating rink of the parking lot and bashed in the van’s bumper. Thank God for Mystic Pizza where we would eat lunch and thaw out in front of their log fire! All things considered the opportunity to design and paint these murals was entirely worth the harsh working conditions.

Hotel Murals

My wish list includes work in Barcelona, Spain, a dude ranch in Montana (I’m thinking of large Charles M. Russell style murals) and perhaps a series of hotels in Latin America where I can finally become fluent in Spanish.

Give us a call today at 508-655-19452! Have brush, will travel.