The most thrilling kind of inquiry is out of the blue. It is from a hospitality designer or architect that we’ve never worked with before. He or She has contacted us via an internet search for custom architectural finishes, such as Stucco Veneziano. When it happens we feel that we’ve done our job right. And if they’re designing a brand new boutique hotel by a large chain, i.e. AC Hotels by Marriott, our hearts beat a little faster.


So when we were sent the invitation to bid from PROCON Inc. we did our due diligence by submitting samples and an estimate and kept our fingers crossed. The job came through and we did a little happy dance on the studio floor.

Our recent project for Worcester AC Hotels features common areas that are layered with a strong emphasis on local art. There is a masculine appeal with a rustic and elegant integrity. We developed this lime plaster finish to mirror this aesthetic with a taupe/brown Marmarino Plaster.

Work in the hospitality design world is challenging in a good way. It demands a high level of professionalism and keeps us growing as a business. The designers, XSS Hotels, a division of PROCON Inc. had a specific feel, color and movement in mind. Before “the one” sample board was chosen there were approximately 3 preliminary samples done for each of the four that were submitted. There is a lot of “behind the scenes” studio work in the development of a particular look. The development stage for a more artistic finish like this one is a bit chaotic. The work tables get filled with tiny containers of tinted plaster mixes. Keeping track of the sequence of application methods, materials or color mix is like asking a math savant to explain the logic in an equation. We somehow keep it together and tease out the right formulas.

Although authentic Stucco Veneziano has been an architectural finish of choice in Europe and the Middle East for centuries, we Americans have only come to love its many attributes in the past three decades. We had been in business for roughly fifteen years before we caught the Venetian Plaster wave. We took a course in lime plaster application and quickly added it to our repertoire of surface designs. After earning a steady stream of work for Venetian Plaster we quickly realized that hospitality design would be the ideal venue for this branch of our business and targeted our marketing in that direction.

In social media posts I often say, “Did we mention that we love our job?” It is true, we do love it. There is creativity in the hunt for work. Aiming for hospitality design commissions and getting them is practically thrilling. And playing a supporting role in the creation of a beautiful interior that will be enjoyed by thousands of guests is a great feeling.