Artisanry from Thailand, Africa, Mexico and Iran combine beautifully with the hand-crafted green designer finish on the walls

These styles are worldly wise—with exotic and bold colors, careful attention to textures, and fine craftspersonship!

Nomadic, Tribal and Rococo looks are eclectic—but can’t just be jumbled together.

Displaying our treasures properly celebrates the paths we’ve traveled in the world.  For nomads who explore and adore faraway places, we’re hardwired to honor our interesting memories with beautiful items.

Some of my happiest moments are at the Brimfield Antiques Fair.  Among the many local artifacts, I’ve also bagged two beautiful, mysterious African masks.  They share a room with a Thai temple rubbing and a textile made in a small Mexican village.  The walls are glazed spring green, with a chartreuse wash.  The décor conjures wild grass, damp soil and memories of nomadic adventures.

Return to your roots as a hunter gatherer and stalk artifacts at the Brimfield Antique Fair!

Being a nomad means being obsessed with the world’s colors.  Boutique hotels use these styles to celebrate travel.  Gourmet eateries use them to demonstrate diverse culinary roots.  Even a single wall or ceiling with hand-hewn plaster can make a room sing your brand’s signature style! 

If you’re a nomad and you know it, clap your hands for these décor tips:

  • Be inspired by one gorgeous object, like an ikat textile or Mexican mask.
  • And use the gorgeous object to inspire a palette.
  • Choose deep earthy bases; add vibrant accents like lime green or coral.
  • Use Venetian Plaster or American Clay for an elemental vibe.
  • Layer indigenous textiles on furniture and walls.
  • Add one piece that conjures a different emotion, like a rococo gilt mirror or a white, glossy Mid-Century table.

Arteriors applied American Clay on these walls to combine an organic artisan finish with a contemporary design.

Picture deep chocolaty walls with an earthen finish, salvaged New England mill planks for flooring, a tribal kilim carpet, a gilded mirror, and South Pacific crafts resting on the coffee table…

Painted grass cloth in coral red

Arteriors designed and painted this “roots/tree” mural for a massage therapy studio and paired it with a woven paint finish.

An unforgettable nomadic finish is the raw silk weave, the crème de la crème of texture finishes and the perfect backdrop for organic elegance.  Another delectable option is to pair a tribal menagerie with a New World velvet metallic finish.  Go Nomads!

Arteriors: connecting feeling to art. And going nomad!